The Inkey List Glycolic Acid Toner


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This 10% Glycolic Acid exfoliating toner helps to reduce the appearance of pores, blackheads and fine lines, as well as support smoother and brighter skin.

Derived from sugar cane, it works to remove dead skin on the surface to help improve the overall appearance of skin texture and brightness without drying out the skin. 5% Witch Hazel to help reduce excess oil and soothe.

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  • For use in the PM.
  • After cleansing and Hyaluronic Acid if you are using it, saturate a cotton pad and wipe your face and neck. No need to rinse
  • Follow with preferred serums and moisturizer
  • INKEY Tip:
    • You can also use on other blemish-prone areas, including your back and chest.
    • If you have more sensitive skin, we would recommend PHA toner as a gentler exfoliant alternative


It is not recommended to use both Glycolic Acid and Retinol at the same time, use on different nights if required. Don’t mix with other AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Lactic Acid or Apple Cider Vinegar). Avoid mixing with Vitamin C products at the same time (Use Vitamin C in the AM and Glycolic Acid in the PM)

We advise that prior to exposure to sun you use a broad spectrum SPF, immediately and up to 7 days after.

We do not recommend using this product if pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before use.

We always recommend patch testing on the inside of the forearm 24 hours before using.

Introduce new products slowly so that you can easily identify any sources of irritation.

Store in a cool dry place out of sunlight.

Avoid direct contact with eyes

External use only.

Keep out of reach of children.


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